Teclo Networks

Would you like to decrease 5% of retransmission costs?
Would you like to achieve this and still use fewer
channel elements?
Would you like to increase the data consumption 
of your customers by 5-10%, providing them with a 30% faster connection?

Teclo Sambal®

Teclo Sambal® is our dedicated TCP/IP acceleration core network node. A simple deployment in your mobile broadband network could deliver the same 30% speedup of TCP/IP traffic that has been measured in almost all networks we have tested.

Improved Quality of Experience

The TCP/IP protocol that supports the vast majority of mobile broadband traffic interacts very badly with real world radio access networks including 3G, LTE and WiMAX. This is the source of many hanging web browsing sessions and inconsistent performance. Teclo Sambal® helps bring fixed network consistency to mobile networks.

Network Cost Savings

Dedicated channels in 3G networks are allocated for the whole duration of slow and inconsistent TCP transfers. Teclo Sambal® reduces the time taken for such transfers delivering significant savings in this precious resource as well as more subscribers per cell.